Autism Is A Complex Neurodevelopmental Condition

It is characterised by differences in social skills, communication and behaviour.

This means that people with Autism experience differences in the way they communicate and interact socially, and their behaviour may be repetitive or highly focussed (the term ‘restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviour’ is often used to describe this). People with Autism also tend to experience differences with their senses that can affect the way they feel about and respond to their surroundings. Autism is not a disease or illness.

Autism is also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ‘Spectrum’ refers to the wide range of characteristics, skills and abilities that different people with Autism have. No two people are affected by Autism in exactly the same way. Every person experiences Autism differently and has different support needs. Although the core characteristics of Autism can cause a range of challenges, it is important to recognise that they can also result in unique skills and capabilities.

While Autism is a life-long condition, with appropriate and tailored support, children and Adults with Autism can make significant progress and live fulfilling lives. Consequently, it is imperative that people with Autism have access to specialist services that understand their needs and are experienced in developing their skills and strengths. 

There are literally thousands of people waiting for an autism assessment on the NHS, with waiting times of 2 years in some areas.


At Solihull CBT we offer an Autism Screening to see whether you actually need the wait and expense of a full diagnostic assessment that can often cost £1500 to £2000+

Whether you do or don't we can assess if there are interventions that may be useful to you now.


If you do need one, an actual autism assessment consists of 2 parts. First is a Behavioural Observation (ADOS-2) for 1.5 - 2 hours by a therapist; and then a psychologist or psychiatrist will take a history from someone that has known you as a child if possible (eg parent). The 2 professionals then meet and the person that took the history will diagnose and feedback to you.


Solihull CBT can provide the first part of the Autism assessment (ADOS-2) required for a formal diagnosis for you if you are already under a psychiatrist - please enquire if interested.