What is a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner?

My name is Abel Leung and I am a qualified Psychological Well-being Practitioner with further training in various counselling approaches. I can offer brief psychological interventions with a cognitive behavioural approach in combination with an explorative counselling approach based on Gestalt Therapy, Person Centred Therapy and Relational Integrative Psychotherapy.

I have over 9 years of clinical experiences working directly and therapeutically with clients who are mainly presented with symptoms of depression and anxiety, but also working with other difficulties such as relationship problems, bereavement, work stress, low self esteem, etc. I have worked in the mental health care setting, alongside a multidisciplinary teams, GP practices, community setting, and physical health settings.  

Choosing to begin therapy is a very brave step. I can imagine mixed feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability, at the same time there could be a deep yearning for change, an aspiration for breakthrough, personal growth and greater awareness.

I believe that effective therapy is based on a therapeutic relationship that promotes trust, respect, collaboration and partnership, which allow us to safely explore presenting difficulties in a non-judgemental and honest way.

Working integratively means that there is no one size fit all model which applies to all clients. A well informed treatment plan will always take into consideration your personal circumstances, your unique style of thinking, feeling and being, as well as a shared understanding of psychological theories and knowledge which can be relevant to your experience.

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